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     Zeiss LSM 710:


Image processing and analysis 

We have a mix of commercial and open-source software packages for image analysis installed of the Imaging workstations (room 310) Newton and Hooke. These can be booked on Quartzy. Contact Dale for access.

I can also provide custom analysis solutions for you, including macros in ImageJ/Fiji, or direct you to the software best suited for your analysis.

Commercial packages 

Volocity (Perkin-Elmer) access via licence server (see below) 

Imaris (Bitplane) on Newton only

Huygens deconvolution on Hooke only

Matlab (MathWorks)

ZEN2009 (Zeiss)

Open-source packages (non-exhaustive list)

ImageJ & Fiji




Volocity Licence Server for Volocity/OpenLab

Server address:
Port: 15002
User ID: Volocity
Password: volocity

Download Volocity 5.3.2 installer (Mac OS, Windows 32, Windows 64)

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