New Charges Effective From 1st October 2013:

The ICH/GOS Flow Cytometry Facility is run on a fully cost-recovered basis. We have been operating since 2008 and since then have not raised charges to users. However, we are not immune to the  economic circumstances and in order to preserve the service for the next three years, we need to raise our charges. This isn’t something we are doing lightly and we hope our user community will understand the need.

Please visit section Charges and Conditions of Use to get the new charges.

Data files Transfer:

The facility now has a shared drive for data transfer purpose therefore all USB memory sticks and external hard drives are banned. You can mount the shared drive on your computer from ICH intranet.

If you have difficulty connecting to flow shared drive let us know or get in touch with ICH IT Support.

Instruments Status


Quite busy. Book a week in advance for convenient time.

All Other Analysers (CyAn, Array, Calibur)

Can be booked on the day.

Cell Sorter MoFlo XDP

You are advised to book at least 1 to 2 weeks in advance for a convenient time slot.

Mac and PC Analysis Computers (FlowJo, FACSDiva, Kaluza, ModFit):

Can be booked on the day.

FACSAria III Cell Sorter

The facility has extended its cell sorting capability. We can now perform sorts on our new 5-lasers, 18-colours, 4-way FACSAria III. Most fluorochromes can be used on this instrument.

You are advised to book a week in advance for a convenient time slot

Flow Cytometry Core Facility at University College London Institute of Child Health and Great Ormond Street Hospital, London, UK

UCL ICH/GOS Flow Cytometry Core Facility provides state of the art instrumentation and expertise for cell analysis and sorting.

Cell analysers

The facility has four cell analysers:

  1. BD LSRII with four lasers (350, 405, 488, and 633 nm) and 19 parameters (17 colours) detection capability
  2. CyAn ADP with two lasers (488 and 633 nm) and 9 parameters (7 colours) detection capability
  3. BD FACSArray (SORP) with 2 lasers (488 and 633 nm) and 4 colours (FITC and PE on the blue laser and APC and APC-Cy7 on the red diode).
  4. BD FACSCalibur with 2 lasers (488 and 633 nm) and  4 colours (FITC, PE and PECy5 or PECy7 on the blue laser and APC on the red diode)

Cell sorters

The facility offers cell sorting on the latest technology from Beckman Coulter and Becton Dickinson, the high speed cell sorters MoFlo XDP and FACSAria III.

MoFlo XDP sorter is equipped with three lasers:

  • true UV laser (350 nm) enabling 2 colours detection
  • argon blue laser (488 nm), allowing 5 colours detection
  • red diode (647 nm) enabling 2 colours detection.

FACSAria III is equipped with 5 lasers:

  • near UV (375 nm) and Violet (405 nm), which are co linear and can accommodate up to 6 colours.
  • argon blue laser (488 nm) allowing detection of FITC and one more fluorochrome excitable by this laser
  • yellow/green laser (561 nm) allowing 5 colours detection
  • red laser (647 nm) allowing 3 colours detection.

Services available include:

  • cell sorting
  • cloning: single cell sorting
  • data acquisition, analysis and interpretation
  • user training
  • advice on sample preparation
  • user assistance and machine troubleshooting
  • help with design of experiments
  • sourcing of reagents and techniques; finding alternative approaches
  • help with data preparation for presentation and publication

We are also open to collaboration.

The facility is located on Level 3 of the Camelia Botnar Laboratories.

It is open 8.00am to 11.00pm, 7 days a week.

Facility staff are available Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 6.00pm.

Please note that sorts cannot be booked before 11.00am because the cell sorter requires a calibration period before use. However, early morning (10am) and evening sorts are available by prior arrangement.

Guidelines for the use of the facility are provided on these web pages. Please ensure you have read the relevant guidelines to maximise the success and validity of your experiment.

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