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Prof Ruth Gilbert

Prof Ruth Gilbert


UCL Institute of Child Health
30 Guilford Street


  • Professor of Clinical Epidemiology
    ICH Pop, Policy & Practice Prog
    UCL GOS Institute of Child Health

Joined UCL


Professor Gilbert is acknowledged for her innovative contributions to the science of evidence-based child health. Her seminal work regarding cot death and sleeping position demonstrated a 20 year lag between evidence of harms of the advice given to parents and the introduction of policies to reverse this advice. Her research has led to significant advances in knowledge of the epidemiology, natural history and treatment of infections in pregnancy and early childhood. Her work has informed policy decisions on whether to stop, start or not introduce antenatal and newborn screening programmes and strategic priorities for research. Her meticulous studies of child maltreatment published in the Lancet are influencing WHO child maltreatment prevention policies. As deputy director of the Administrative Data Research Centre in England and her related role in the Farr Institute - she is at the forefront internationally in the use of clinical and administrative data for patient and public benefit and to accelerate translation of research into practice.


Evidence Based Child Health|*|Maternal and Child Informatics|*|PREVAIL Trial|*|Toxoplasmosis|*|bacterial infections in infancy|*|catheter-related infections|*|child abuse and neglect

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