Confocal microscopy
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Dr Dale Moulding

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  • email: Dr Dale Moulding
  • Tel: 020 7905 2230
  • UCL Institute of Child Health (ICH), 30 Guilford Street, London WC1N 1EH
  • Opening hours: From 8am to 10:30pm, 7 days a week. Facility staff are available Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm.

Confocal microscopy

Instruments & Booking

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All users must have an account on our booking system and have received training before using any facility equipment. 


Confocal Microscopes

Zeiss LSM 710

Inverted confocal for fixed or live samples with environmental chambers for long term imaging. Spectral unmixing, FRET and FRAP. 

Zeiss LSM 880 with MaiTai eHP Deepsee

Multiphoton upright confocal with GaAsP detectors and water dipping objectives available from November 2015.

  • Location: Room 153, PUW, ICH
Room310 Scopes

Widefield microscopes

We have a range of high quality systems for fluorescence and transmitted light microscopy (histological stained samples).

  • Location: Room 310, Main Building, ICH
Room301 Live imaging

Live Imaging

Zeiss axiovert with motorized stage and environmental control for long term multipoint live imaging.

  • Location: Room 301, Main Building, ICH
Newton & Hooke

Imaging Workstations

We have two workstations equipped with advanced imaging software.

We will provide custom image analysis workflows and macros to automate your analysis. Contact the facility manager for advice. 

  • Location: Room 310, Main Building, ICH

Services available:

  • user training
  • experimental design
  • sourcing of reagents and techniques; finding alternative approaches
  • data acquisition
  • data analysis - custom designed macros for automated analysis
  • data presentation.

We are also open to collaboration.

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