Institute of Communications and Connected Systems


A Modular Approach

The Internet Data Observatory is continually evolving with new tools and applications being developed independently through student projects, by researchers and in collaboration with enthusiastic members of the community. Each of these tools or applications then plugs into one of the three modules of activity forming the Observatory.

Schematic showing flow of information: Large semi circle with title Observatory : arrows coming from a circle saying measure to the observatory, in the circle title measure are smaller circles titles QoS, IoT and Delay: Another circle titled process has a


Exploiting years of research, we are building state-of-the-art tools that will measure and analyse Internet performance from the perspective of millions of users and things in every corner of the planet.

These probes will be placed in networks all around the world and send streams of data to our data centres. This will be fused with other datasets (from other researchers) to create an open repository of real-time Internet data.


Streamed data will be analysed in real-time using a myriad of big data techniques to extract key knowledge sets. This will be based on tools and algorithms including regression analysis, evolutionary algorithms, machine learning, data mining and deep learning.

This will allow us to determine whether Key Performance Indicators have been met, as well as forecast the evolution of
the global Internet and detect critical network problems in real-time.


Finally, the Observatory will create visualisation tools for a wide range of platforms and media: mobile phone applications, interactive giant screens, an interactive web portal, educational resources, printed reports and a strong presence in social media are just some of the ideas.