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Internet Data Observatory

The Internet Data Observatory (IDO) is a 'first-of-its-kind' platform for real-time monitoring of global Key Performance Indicators. A long-term research project run by members of the Institute of Communications and Connected Systems (ICCS), the IDO collects, collates and curates real-time data from worldwide measurement probes, providing up-to-date data-driven insights into global progress towards a better Internet.

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Mission of the Internet Data Observatory

The Internet Data Observatory collects, collates and analyses key internet performance metrics in order to inform evidence-based solutions to the following issues:

  • We need a better, faster Internet for the next generation of multimedia services.
  • We need a more reliable Internet to be able to support our future healthcare and an ageing population.
  • We need a more energy efficient Internet that can support low-cost global usage.
  • We need a ubiquitous & democratised Internet that is globally accessible, not the preserve of the developed world.
  • We need a more secure Internet, where our personal data stays confidential and our national infrastructure is immune to crime and cyber-terrorism.
  • We need a more transparent Internet, where we can monitor, understand and reason about these needs - our successes and our failures
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    A Modular Approach

    A modular approach to building the IDO

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