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someone using a tablet and a smart phone, with geometric shapes implying analysis of signals superimposed, Triangle project logo with 5G written also appear.

1 January 2016

Building a framework for developers and device manufacturers to test and benchmark 5G mobile applications

Funder Horizon 2020
Amount 3 000 000 GBP (total)

Project website http://triangle-project.eu

Research theme logos - Infrastructures for Smart Services and Applications
Research topics 5G | mobile testing | benchmarking | end-to-end Testing


TRIANGLE is building a framework to help app developers and device manufacturers in the evolving 5G sector to test and benchmark new mobile applications in Europe utilising existing and extended FIRE testbeds. This framework will evaluate Quality of Experience and enable certification for new mobile applications and devices.

The project will identify reference deployment scenarios, will define new KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and QoE metrics, will develop new testing methodologies and tools, and will design a complete evaluation scheme. The project will focus on the development of a framework to ensure users QoE in the new challenging situations, especially those due to heterogeneous networks and considering the role software will have in the new 5G ecosystem.