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SONATA NFV: Agile Service Development and Orchestration in 5G Virtualized Networks

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Sonata - Agile service development and orchestration in 5G vitulized networks

1 May 2015

Enhancing communications networks and enabling services through virtualisation and software networks

Funder EU HORIZON 2020

Amount 5,856,267 GBP (total); 746,127 GBP (UCL)

Project website http://www.sonata-nfv.eu

Research theme logos - Intelligent High Capacity Networks;  Sensing, Information and Data Processing
Research topics flexible programmability | software networks | 5G


Virtualisation and software networks are a major disruptive technology for communications networks, enabling services to be deployed as software functions running directly in the network on commodity hardware. However, deploying the more complex user-facing applications and services envisioned for 5G networks presents significant technological challenges for development and deployment. SONATA addresses both issues.

For service development, SONATA provides service patterns and description techniques for composed services. A customised NFV Service Development Kit (SDK)is developed to boost the efficiency of developers of network functions and composed services, by integrating catalogue access, editing, debugging, and monitoring analysis tools with service packaging for shipment to an operator.

For service deployment in 5G environments, SONATA provides a novel service platform to manage service execution. The platform complements the SDK with functionality to validate service packages. Moreover, it improves on existing platforms by providing a flexible and extensible orchestration framework based on a plugin architecture.


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