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5GEx: 5G Exchange

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Text saying 5GEx, ona  background of lines and balls symbolising network connections and nodes.

1 October 2017

To enable end-to-end 5G network and service elements to mix in multi-vendor, heterogeneous technology and resource environments.

Funder EU HORIZON 2020
Amount 6,967,555 GBP (total); 733,933 GBP (UCL)

Project website http://www.5gex.eu

Research theme logos - Intelligent High Capacity Networks;  Sensing, Information and Data Processing
Research topics Multi-domain orchestration | NFV | Management of 5G


5GEx aims to enable collaboration between operators, regarding 5G infrastructure services, with the view to introducing unification via NFV/SDN compatible multi-domain orchestration by producing:

  1. An open platform enabling cross-domain orchestration of services over these multiple domains, with a set of open source software tools and extensions that can be utilised outside the scope of 5GEx
  2. A Sandbox Network enabling experimentation and validation of the devised architecture, mechanisms, and business models
  3. A proof-of-innovation multi-domain platform enabling multiple 5G use cases and realistic scenarios that demonstrate the orchestration of complex end-to-end Infrastructure as a Service across multiple carriers
  4. Contributions to standards bodies of concepts learned during the development and experimentation of the project


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