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EPSRC-SFI: SpheryStream

Spherystream_ Project_ Image_ Person with VR headset

1 August 2020

Endowing any final user with an unprecedented sense of full immersion in virtual environment by developing personalised coding and streaming strategies

Funder EPSRC
Amount £ 257 481

Project website SpheryStream

Research topics
Artificial Intelligence | Computer Graphics & Visual | Human-Computer Interactions | Image & Vision Computing


A major challenge for the next decade is to design virtual and augmented reality systems (VR at large) for real-world use cases such as healthcare, entertainment, e-education, and high-risk missions. This requires VR systems that operate at scale, in a personalized manner, remaining bandwidth-tolerant whilst meeting quality and latency criteria. This can be accomplished only by a fundamental revolution of the coding/streaming/rendering chain that has to put the interactive user at the heart of the system rather than at the end of the chain.

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