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DASA RFSoC Phase 1 & Phase 2

Military person in the field speaking into a radio

19 August 2020

Enabling future multi-role RF sensing via state of the art integrated RF and FPGA COTs hardware

Funder DASA
Amount Phase 1: £ 90 000
              Phase 2: £ 320 000


Research topics  Radar | FPGAs 


This project looks to employ a newly released disruptive capability COTS hardware solution to perform multiple roles on a defence platform. The Xilinx RFSoC is a full RF system on a chip that is able to both transmit and receive on 8 channels and has significant potential to revolutionise the Electronic Warfare domain. UCL is in an excellent position to harness many years of experience in innovative Radar and EW driving research. The key steps of the project are the establishment of templates for operation as 1) Active Radar 2) Passive Radar and 3) Electronic Surveillance on the RFSoC.


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