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PIMRC 2020 at UCL | Maria Cuevas

Maria Cuevas, Mobility Research Theme Principal Manager at BT Technology, delves into the emerging challenges for the Telecoms Industry.

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Profile picture of Maria Cuevas, background image of a city scape with a line and spheres resembling a propagating network.
Emerging challenges to the Telecoms Industry – and all the exciting opportunities that can be “unlocked” 

Maria Cuevas Principal Manager of the Mobility Research Theme at BT.  

Maria will provide an overview of some of the key challenges, both technical and organisational, being faced by the Telecoms industry. These challenges are stimulated by a range of factors including, increasingly data demanding applications and societal shifts. Maria will go on to explore the great opportunities that solving such issues will present for both society and telecoms organisations alike.

Maria Cuevas

Mobility Research Theme Principal Manager, BT Technology

Maria Cuevas is Principal Manager for Mobility Research within BT. She currently responsible for the 5G research programme within her organisation including radio, core network and service evolution aspects. Maria has 20 years of experience in BT, with roles ranging from design, architecture and strategy and now research.

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