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IBIL scholarship researcher, Luminita Olteanu, contributes to new publication

8 July 2020

IBIL scholarship researcher, Luminiţa Olteanu, contributes to new publication.

Lumi O

UCL Laws PhD research student, Luminiţa Olteanu, is celebrating publication of her contribution to the second edition of Arbitration Law and Practice in Central and Eastern Europe (JurisPub, May 2020). Drawing from her expertise as a former dispute resolution lawyer, Lumi co-authored the Romanian chapter on local institutional and ad-hoc arbitration rules and practice. The updated chapter presents in an accessible way the options available to the parties wishing to conduct arbitration proceedings in Romania. Moreover, it touches upon practical aspects related to the distribution of arbitration costs and the enforcement of arbitral awards.

Lumi has also contributed recently to the Kluwer Trademark blog, with a case comment on CJEU Case C-684/19 – mk advokaten, concerning the mercurial concept of infringing ‘trade mark use’ under EU trade mark law.

Lumi is the current recipient of the IBIL Research Scholarship, open to all UCL PhD applicants in the field of Intellectual Property Law, and awarded based upon academic merit. Her research project, under the supervision of IBIL's Dr. Matt Fisher and Dr Ilanah Fhima, is concerned with the 'anti-dilution' protection which is afforded to registered trade marks with 'reputation'. It seeks to evaluate how closely the reputation test established by the CJEU mirrors the way in which reputation is typically measured by brand holders in the online environment.

Find out more about Lumi’s research and publications here.