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Pregabalin: Where stands plausibility, Swiss-form claims, late amendment and more?

20 November 2018

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About the talk:

This IBIL Innovation seminar analysed the content and impact of the Supreme Court’s highly anticipated decision in Warner-Lambert v Mylan. Argued in the context of a Swiss-form European patent for the second medical use of pregabalin in the treatment of neuropathic pain, the Supreme Court was asked to consider a number of critical elements of patentability and patent infringement. The main issues under consideration included:

  • the role of plausibility within the patentability enquiry;
  • the correct interpretation and scope of the Swiss-form claim; and
  • whether a post-trial application to amend an invalid patent claim to limit it to a part found to be plausible is an abuse of process.  

Chair: The Rt Hon Professor Sir Robin Jacob


  • Lord Hoffmann
  • Judge Edgar F Brinkman (Senior Judge, Court of The Hague) - download presentation here
  • Dr Matt Fisher (UCL IBIL)
  • Dr Ursula Kinkeldey (Former Chair of TBA and EBA, European Patent Office)
  • Dr Matthias Zigann (Presiding Judge at the Regional Court, Munich) - download presentation here

Find out more about the event here or watch this talk on our YouTube Channel.

Question the Trade Mark Judges (Joint IBIL and MARQUES event)

18 October 2018

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About the event: 

A this joint IBIL and MARQUES event, the Chair, The Rt Hon Professor Sir Robin Jacob, posed a set of pre-selected questions from the audience to a panel of trade mark judges.


  • HHJ Melissa Clarke (Senior Circuit Judge, Designated Civil Judge for Thames Valley, Beds & Herts)
  • Judge Octavia Spineanu-Matei (General Court, Court of Justice of the European Union)
  • The Hon Mrs Justice (Vivien) Rose
  • Harri Salmi (EUIPO Board of Appeal member)

Find out more about the event here or watch this talk on our YouTube Channel

The Shape of Things to Come: The Trajectory of Design & Trade Mark Protection of Product Shapes.

14 February 2018

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About the talk:

UCL's Institute of Brand and Innovation Law brought together a distinguished panel, chaired by The Hon Sir Richard Arnold, to navigate the complex legal landscape which governs the registration of product forms.


  • Professor David Musker (Queen Mary, University of London) - view presentation here
  • David Stone (Allen & Overy LLP) - view presentation here
  • Professor Martin Senftleben (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam/Bird & Bird LLP - view presentation here
  • Thorsten Gailing (Nestle UK) - view presentation here

Find out more about the event here or watch the video on our YouTube channel

Branding and Co-Branding: How Much Do They Really Contribute to Innovation?

25 January 2018

Speaker: Neil Wilkof
Chair: Dr Ilanah Fhima (UCL)

About this event
With both patents and copyright coming under increased skepticism as drivers of innovation, greater attention has been paid to the role that trademarks and branding might play in contributing to innovation. Support for this claim rests largely on observed positive correlations, usually at the aggregate level, between trademark filing activity (as a proxy for branding) and greater business activity. We will review the conceptual foundations for this claim, offer a framework for understanding the dynamics of branding and innovation at the company level, and suggest that co-branding might be potentially more conducive for innovation.