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The Responsibility Revolution

When: 5.30pm, 17th May 2010
Where: Lecture Theatre G06, Roberts Building

Keynote Speaker: Jeffrey Hollender, author of The Responsibility Revolution and co-founder of Seventh Generation.

UCL Speakers: Professor Maria Lee (UCL Laws), Dr Marc Moore (Director of the UCL Centre for Ethics & Law), Dr Colin Provost, (UCL Political Science) and Andrew Grainger (Director of UCL Estates & Facilities).

Following the global financial crisis, and as we consider how to address the global challenge of climate change, do businesses need a new model of corporate behaviour? Jeffrey Hollender's The Responsibility Revolution: How the Next Generation of Businesses Will Win argues that for too long our definition of what constitutes 'responsible' corporate behaviour has been dangerously timid and blinkered. To confront the economy's and society's daunting challenges, companies must do more than monitor factories, donate to charities, and trumpet efforts to be a little less bad. The responsibility revolution is about re-imaging companies from within: innovating new ways of working; instilling a new logic of competing; and redefining the very purpose and possibility of business. As the economy improves, doing good will be the key to doing well: the companies that commit to socially and environmentally responsible business will create long-term sustainable value.

Followed by a drinks reception in the Roberts foyer.

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