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UCL BioResource

(part of NIHR BioResource)

The NIHR BioResource is a national cohort of healthy volunteers, patients and their relatives who wish to participate in clinical research, and are willing to provide clinical information and samples that enable recall to studies by genotype and phenotype. 

Such studies identify disease mechanisms and will underpin future advances in stratified medicine. 

Established around NIHR Biomedical Research Centres and Units, volunteers will be recalled to participate in experimental medicine studies and early phase clinical trials undertaken in local Clinical Research Facilities and Clinical Trials Units.

The UCL BioResource works on a 2-stage process:

  • Stage 1 activity - Recruitment of new volunteers and patients to the BioResource, consent for recall and initial blood sample to be used as a screening tool for stage 2 studies
  • Stage 2 activity - Recall of existing members to stage 2 research studies or clinical trials

The UCL BioResource will contribute to the national endeavour by local recruitment of 10,000 patients and volunteers from UCL cohorts and affiliated hospitals. Participants are consented for the UCL BioResource for recall to future studies and provide a small blood sample which is used for genotyping. 

Where a participant is not willing to donate a blood sample, saliva samples may be taken and stored. UCL will focus on patient recruitment and will establish a sampling framework from which people, with and without health problems, can be selected on the basis of their genotype and or phenotype. Participants may be invited for observational studies or clinical trials referred to as stage 2 research activity as a collaborative initiative across all eight BioResource centres.

If you are a patient or volunteer who is interested in joining the UCL BioResource, or a researcher interested in working with us, please contact us using the details below.

Telephone: 020 3447 5369 



UCL BioResource,
1st floor, Maple House (Suite 1B), 
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