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Unitemps is an internal recruitment agency, specialising in filling temporary job vacancies and creating job opportunities on campus for students, recent graduates and the wider community.

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Working with Unitemps at UCL is a great new way to find fantastic temporary support. With a pool of talented temporary workers who represent the excellence and diversity of the university community, Unitemps can help find the best candidates for the job. 

Follow the easy steps below to get started.

Unitemps is ready to replace SiP Form 7 for temporary work from 15 October 2018

Unitemps is now ready to start accepting bookings, all new assignments starting on or after 15 October must be processed by Unitemps please see the guide below:

Step 1 

Download the Unitemps booking form – Only page one needs to be completed as Unitemps is currently only processing one-off pieces of temporary work (form 7).

Please provide the name and email address of your candidates so that they can be directly contacted and booked by the branch staff. They will then be invited into the branch to show their right-to-work documents.

Step 2

Send the booking form to unitemps@ucl.ac.uk and one of the branch staff will confirm your booking.

Step 3

Create a client account, once you have received the link from Unitemps branch staff, then you will be able to authorise timesheets for your temporary workers online

Booking forms must be completed and sent BEFORE the candidate begins working, this is to make sure that branch staff can complete the necessary eligibility to work checks.

Unitemps branch staff will complete eligibility to work checks, no copies or scans will be accepted.Booking forms must be completed and sent BEFORE the candidate begins working, this is to make sure that branch staff can complete the necessary eligibility to work checks.

Please see our updated FAQs for further guidance. 


What type of roles are included in this phase of Unitemps

In scope – Unitemps

Out of scope – please continue with the usual recruitment and payment method

One-off temporary work assignments  (form 7s)

Any temporary work undertaken before the 15 October


Frequent ‘as and when’ temporary assignments (form 5/6)

Examples – administrators, one-off lecturers, invigilators, lab technicians, translators, student ambassadors

External agency workers


UCL employees completing overtime, acting up duties or work with another department


Permanent academic positions






Any temporary worker, working outside of the UK – or any temporary worker without a UK bank account

Will Unitemps process DBS checks for temporary staff?

Yes. Please indicate if a DBS check is required on the Unitemps booking form when placing your booking.

Is Unitemps just for students?

No. While Unitemps will be used to manage student ambassadors, helpers and other work that is often undertaken by our students, Unitemps will also manage the sourcing and placement of other, non-student temporary workers at UCL.

Will temporary workers be paid on the same grades as UCL employees?

Absolutely, temporary workers at UCL will be paid on the same pay grades as UCL employees.

Will Unitemps process academic staff?

Individuals who come to do a short term academic engagement at UCL, but who are employed by another organisation, will be managed through Unitemps. This will include academics coming to carry out one-off lectures, examinations, invigilation etc. 

Unitemps cannot be used to fill an academic position on a permanent basis.

What are the benefits to using Unitemps?

Unitemps can manage as much or as little of the recruitment process for you, from advertising vacancies, to shortlisting and interviewing candidates. Unitemps will ensure compliance with its robust systems and provide a diverse talent pool for UCL.

What are the long-term aims of Unitemps?

The next phase for Unitemps will be to process work that is more frequent (form 5/6) then, next year, Unitemps will look at placing candidates that would usually be sourced via external agencies. Further information will be provided before these phases commence.

Who can I speak to from the Unitemps team

Sam Taylor the Unitemps Branch Manager is available to attend faculty/department meetings and one to ones. Please email sam.taylor@ucl.ac.uk