UCL Human Resources


Recruitment Positive Action Statements

Positive action is allowed under sections 158-159 of the Equality Act 2010, where members of protected groups have been underrepresented within the workforce or in a particular work group in the preceding 12 months. These are lawful measures designed to redress imbalances and counteract the effects of past discrimination. They ensure that people from previously excluded groups can compete on equal terms with other applicants.  It can include targeted promotional initiatives, internships/secondments or training initiatives for specific protected groups.  

The following statements are a form of positive action and are included in UCL job adverts to encourage applications from under-represented groups.




Senior Staff

Include the following statement: "We particularly welcome female applicants and those from an ethnic minority, as they are under-represented within UCL at these levels".

Grade 9-10,
Principal Research Fellows
Professors, Associate Professors

Front-line, Administrative & Middle Management Staff

Include the following: "We particularly welcome applications from black and minority ethnic candidates as they are under represented within UCL at this level".

Clerical, Manual, Technical, Administration, Grade 1-8 

Researchers and Lecturers

Include "UCL Taking Action for Equality."

Researchers Grade 6-8Lecturers Grade 7-8