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Redundancy Entitlement

Guidance on the entitlement of UCL employees to redundancy payment

Employees are entitled to receive a redundancy payment if they are being made redundant and have worked continuously for UCL for at least two years. Employees with between two years’ service and up to five years’ service will receive statutory redundancy pay.  Employees with five completed years’ service or more will receive UCL’s enhanced redundancy pay. 

All redundancy payments are paid from a central Finance budget. 

Redundancy payments are calculated as follows:

Total Years Service

Number of Weeks Salary

Weekly Salary to be Paid

Up to 2 years service

No entitlement

No entitlement

Between 2 years completed service and up to 5 years completed service

Statutory (according to age)

Statutory limit or actual weekly salary if less

Between 5 years completed service and up to 10 years completed service

Statutory (according to age)

Actual weekly salary based on annual salary

10 years completed service or more

Statutory (according to age) x2

Actual weekly salary based on annual salary

Where the employee's weekly salary is less than the statutory redundancy figure, calculations will be based on your actual weekly salary. For details of statutory redundancy calculations, see the Department for Business Enterprise and Regulatory reform website.

Please note: If you are offered another suitable job at UCL before your last day of service, you will not be entitled to a redundancy payment (unless the new job commences more than 4 weeks after your last day of service). If an employee is given a redundancy payment that they are not entitled to they must repay it. If a job is offered to a UCL employee after their last day of service, there should be a two week break in service before they start the new role.  

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Last updated: Thursday, June 30, 2022