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Appraisal Review and Development Scheme

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This scheme applies to all staff once they have satisfactorily completed their probation period. For staff not subject to probation, objectives should be set within the first three months of appointment to commence the cycle.

Professorial staff should use the information in this scheme in conjunction with the online Professorial Appraisal Review (PAR) system to complete appraisal.

Policy and Forms:


Microsoft Office document iconComplete Documentation Set.doc

Microsoft Office document iconCover Page (Pre Review Form).doc

Microsoft Office document iconPart A (Pre Review Form).doc

Microsoft Office document iconPart B (Summary of Review Discussion).doc

Microsoft Office document iconPart C (Training and Development Needs).doc

Microsoft Office document iconPart D (Appeal Form).doc

An amended set of forms has been developed for staff undertaking manual and craft type jobs:

Microsoft Office document iconManual and Craft Forms.doc

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Last updated: 4 July 2019