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Partnership Applications

Human Resources Applications

HR applications managed by the HR Workforce Reporting and Analytics team.  Please note that you will require your UCL ID to access the applications.


Probation Monitoring System

This report is now available on MyHR Reports.  

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Appraisals Monitoring System

Request this report by emailing hr_reports [at] ucl.ac.uk.

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Workforce Reporting and Analytics

A point in time statistical report on UCL Staff. 



Login to MyHR to update your qualifications, professional body membership and awards.

Writing Notes

MyHR Department Transactions

Electronically submit appointment related forms to Human Resources and Finance.

Writing Notes

Professorial Appraisal

The Professorial Appraisal Review (PAR) System


Online Job Evaluation System (JED)

A web-based tool for grading jobs based on the job evaluation scheme, HERA (Higher Education Role Analysis) and a resource to store Job Description Outlines (JDOs). 


End of Contract Notification System

Monitor contracts that are due to expire with 9 months. This report is available on MyHR Reports.


HR System Release Notes

This section lists release notes for departments on HR Systems releases and updates.