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Clinical Academic Job Plans

How to complete a job plan

 A job plans must be completed on an annual basis by all Clinical Academic staff for GMC or GDC revalidation. 

Section 1: Appointment Details
  • Clinical Academics should enter the date they first joined the CCA or SAGP scale – this will not necessarily be their first consultant level appointment

  • The seniority/threshold must be entered in the correct section depending on when the academic first joined the scale.  If they are unsure of what date to enter please contact HRBP Clinical.  NB if they delayed their transfer but it was backdated to a date between 1 April 2003 – 31 January 2004 (CCAs) or between 1 April 2005 – 31 July 2005 (SAGPs) they should complete sections A and C respectively

  • The end date for all CEA should be entered on page 2

  • The academic should enter their last appraisal date to ensure that UCL systems are updated

Section 2: Last Job Plan Submitted
  • This is not relevant if this is your first Job Plan with UCL. 

  • This should show what was in the last agreed and signed off Job Plan. If they hold more than one honorary clinical contract the name of the Main Trust where the majority of the clinical PAs are undertaken should be entered and this is the Trust that should sign off the Job Plan.  They should enter the name of any other Trust(s) where they hold a secondary honorary clinical contract

Section 3: New Job Plan
  • This will cover a full 12 month period from the personal anniversary date of transfer or first appointment to the CCA / SAGP contract

  • If this is agreed for a period other than 12 months immediately following the anniversary date of the appointment to the CCA or SAGP contract, i.e. is agreed April to March (or some other period) as part of a Trust Job Planning round, the line managers must initial and date the annotation box (added for convenience)

  • If they transferred to the new contract before joining UCL the first job plan should cover the period from the appointment date to the anniversary date of the transfer. E.g. personal transfer date of 1.4.03 with appointment to UCL 01/01/11 = first UCL Job Plan period of 01/01/11 – 31.3.12. Future Job Plans would be from 1/4 - 31/3.

  • They should enter the number of PAs per week under the appropriate column depending upon the beneficiary and give the description, code and time.

  • NB. These two columns must add up to a maximum 10 PAs.

  • If they carry out clinical duties for more than one Trust they must indicate the number of PAs at the main Trust (where the majority are undertaken) and the number at any secondary Trust(s)

  • They should enter the number of APAs per beneficiary and describe the related duty.  These two columns must add up to a maximum 2 APAs

  • If they carry out clinical duties for more than one Trust they must show the Trust at which APA is undertaken

  • Job Plans that do not specify the time and number of PAs and APAs per week cannot be accepted (crosses or ticks against the codes does not provide accurate information) and will be returned.

  • The Job Plan must only include work that they are paid for.

  • A UCL template job plan is available if not using the trust online system.

Section 4 - Sign Off
  • The discussion about the Job Plan should take place with the clinical and academic leads at the same time and it should ideally be signed at that meeting. However it can be circulated by email for signature but each should sign and then pass onto the next person so that there is a single page 4 with all of the signatures. E-signatures can be accepted.

  • The Job Plan must be signed by the clinical academic and the clinical and academic leads before it is sent to your local representative.

  • Please note that all UCLH Job Plans must be signed off by the Divisional Clinical Director as well as your clinical lead.

  • If they have entered more than one clinical line manager on page 1 only the person from the Main Trust needs to sign in Section 5.

  • If there are any changes (new or increase) in clinical PAs/APAs or on-call since the last Job Plan a funding letter will be required from the Trust before the Job plan can be signed off by the Division/ Institute. If this can be obtained as part of the Job Planning consultation this would speed up implementation of any additional payments due.

  • Once they have the Job Plan and, where applicable, any outstanding Job Plans and/or funding letters your local HR representative shall complete the Division/Institute section and get the Job Plan signed off by the Director.  This should then be sent to hr-services@ucl.ac.uk.

Outstanding Job Plans

  • If there are any outstanding job plans that highlighted any change in PA, APA or any pay element, these should have been submitted.

Important:  If UCL doesn't receive an agreed Job Plan on an annual basis this will confirm the clinical academics failure to have met the criteria for pay progression (where applicable) in this or future years and could adversely affect the GMC revalidation

Notification of ad-hoc changes in APA, On-Call, Out of Hours commitments

  • Where changes are made within the Job Plan cycle (i.e. not already agreed as part of the annual review of a Job Plan) in any given year the local HR representative should submit an out of job plan MyHR Department Transactions form to make the changes

  • Failure to submit an OJP with any changes in a timely manner can lead to either an overpayment or underpayment of salary to the member of staff.

  • In the case of the former, UCL will reclaim any monies overpaid. In the case of the latter, any underpayment of salary may affect the amount of pension contribution made by the staff member and UCL in any months that underpayment occurs. Once changes in the salary have been actioned, any underpayment of pension contributions by the employee for the period in question will be deducted and paid to your pension provider from any monies due to you.