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Renting a property – zero deposit scheme reductions with Dexters

Discounts on the cost of renting a property in London.

Dexters is offering a zero deposit scheme at a cost of +1.5% of the monthly rent as opposed to the usual 3% without the benefit.

Also, Dexters is offering UCL staff a dedicated point of contact at the Dexters corporate office with one-to-one support and unbiased advice, access to a network of over 100 offices in London, and fast-track referencing where possible.

How to claim the benefit

To qualify for this benefit, you must contact Dexters corporate team on 020 7483 6399 or corporateservicesteam@dexters.co.uk, before approaching a Dexters’ office.

This benefit can be then used with any Dexters office and brand.

About Dexters

Dexters are a leading independent estate agent group in London with over 35 central London offices and over 70 across greater London through supported brands, and also own agents such as Jacksons, Chard, Snellers, Alvin Place, RSK and City Docklands see: www.dexters.co.uk

Please note

We have not signed any exclusivity clause with the agency. UCL does not receive any type of financial gain from any of these offers. UCL does not endorse any of the goods or services offered, nor guarantee any of the offers listed on these pages. Staff taking up these offers do so at their own discretion and risk.