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With thanks to all those who shared responses in the recent consultations. Your submissions were reviewed by the Provost and shared with UCL Council as part of the decision-making process on our institutional response. You can view minutes of the UCL Council meetings on Student and Registry Services' webpages.

We have compiled an FAQ below which covers the concerns and queries that have been received. 

Why is reaching full parity going to take until 2021?

As well as working with Unison, UCL has to work with Sodexo and Axis to implement the changes we wish to make. We have to work with them to ensure that they are able to make these changes. In addition the cost of the changes is not insubstantial and identification of funding to support this initiative is ongoing.

Other universities have bought the staff back in house, why isn't UCL doing this?

Presently UCL's position is that it greatly values the specialist expertise that dedicated suppliers can provide.

Where is UCL going to get the money from to fund this?

UCL operates within financial constraints and inevitably savings and efficiencies from other areas will have to be identified.