UCL Human Resources



1. Purpose

1.1. This policy is intended to provide clarity on entitlements and procedures to be followed by employees and managers in regard to hours worked in addition to the contracted working week.

2. Scope

2.1. This policy relates to all UCL employees on UCL Terms and Conditions

3. Policy

The working week

3.1. The full-time hours for Research and Professional Services Staff are detailed in contracts of employment. 

3.2. The working arrangements are determined by the Head of Department. Where work involves regular working outside normal office hours, such conditions will be specified in the contract of employment.

3.3. Specific clinical arrangements such as additional programmed activities or on-call activity will be arranged and paid in line with UCL terms and conditions.

Additional work

3.4. At certain times, overtime working will be needed by UCL.  In such cases, as much warning as practicable will be given but it is unavoidable that some overtime may occur at short notice due to sickness and/or emergencies. Time worked in addition to the contracted working week by staff in all Research and Professional Services grades will be compensated by equivalent time off in lieu (TOIL).  Where TOIL is not practicable for staff in Grades 1 – 6, overtime working may be paid (in arrears). The rates of pay for overtime are:

Additional hours worked


Up to full time contracted hours (36.5 hours per week)

Basic (plus London Allowance where applicable)

Over 36.5 hours per week (full time contracted hours), Monday to Saturday (excluding Bank Holidays and Closure Periods)

Time and a half (No London Allowance)

Over 36.5 hours per week (full time contracted hours), Sundays, Bank Holidays and during closure periods

Double time (No London Allowance)

3.5. Where significant additional hours are required of an academic member of staff (e.g. a whole non-working day is given up to working at a student recruitment event held on a Saturday), then TOIL may be given for those hours.

3.6. Where an employee holds two or more contracts with UCL, each shall be treated separately when calculating additional hours/overtime.

3.7. The contracted working week plus any agreed additional hours should be consistent the UK Working Time Regulations requirement. Regular monitoring of overtime usage will be undertaken by UCL.

3.8. UCL retains the right to terminate overtime worked on a regular basis and as much notice as practicable will be given.


3.9. Overtime paid to employees in the CARE section of SAUL is treated as pensionable.

4. Procedures

4.1. Any accrual of hours / overtime will be agreed in advance with your line manager.

4.2. A suitable time for taking TOIL will be agreed between the employee and manager in advance of the time being taken and, wherever possible, will be within 3 months of the TOIL having been accrued.

4.3 You can submit a claim for overtime by completing an online form.  The form must be submitted by the payroll deadline, to ensure payment at the end of the relevant month.

4.4 This form requires approval from your manager or from the departmental administrator. This form will also allow a departmental administrator to submit on behalf of an employee where necessary, which will require an additional approval (This cannot be given by the same person who submits the form due to segregation of duties requirements). 

4.5 Please note, only seven days of overtime can be submitted in one form, if you have more than seven days then separate forms will need to be submitted. 

4.6 If you have any questions contact HR Services by email or telephone: hr-services@ucl.ac.uk or 0203 108 7160. 

5. Monitoring and Review

5.1. The HR Policy and Planning Team will keep the operation of this policy under review.