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Senior Leaders Induction

The Senior Leaders Induction programme is a package for staff moving into senior leadership positions at UCL at grades 10 and above.

About the programme

This induction programme is for staff newly appointed to a Grade 10 role, whether appointed internally or externally. The purpose of the programme is to equip new senior leaders with the key insights and understanding to be effective in their new role at UCL. This is a blended programme using a mixture of self-paced e-learning, together with live in-person events.  

Learning outcomes

By attending this programme, new senior leaders will:

  • Manage their transition into their new role, understanding the changes in expectations, emphasis and accountability involved.
  • Position their role within the context of UCL’s current strategy and today’s changing HE landscape, and plan how to ensure alignment and coherence with their own strategies.
  • Study the governance and decision-making processes in UCL in order to be comfortable and effective in navigating a complex and multi-faceted organisation.
  • Understand their role in creating a constructive culture and climate in their areas, and how to live the UCL values in practical and tangible ways.
  • Embrace their role as an advocate for equity, diversity and inclusion, and plan how to make progress on UCL’s EDI goals in their areas.
  • Meet, interact and make connections with leaders in key roles in UCL.
  • Form a learning community with the other new senior leaders on the programme to enable ongoing support and connections after the programme ends. 

How to apply

We aim to invite all new senior leaders to enrol on this programme, so please keep an eye on your inbox. If you have started a new grade 10 post (excluding HoDs who have a separate induction programme) and haven’t received an invite, please contact leadershipprogrammes@ucl.ac.uk