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UCL Leadership Programmes

Supporting the development for UCL Leaders and Prospective Leaders.

UCL Leadership Programmes offer blended online and face-to-face learning experiences, catering for individuals at all levels, whether they are leading a department or beginning their career.

The Programmes offer resources to develop management and leadership skills at your own pace online, plus opportunities to gain experience working at a higher grade and support through mentoring and coaching.

Applications for 2022-23 Leadership Programmes are now closed, and applications for 2023-24 will re-open in Summer 2023. For more information, please see our Nominations Procedure Page.

We also offer a broad range of Leadership Development which you can access at your own time.

Development programmes

People managers

People Management Essentials

UCL’s people management development programme, equipping all line managers with everything they need to support and develop our people. 

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University Leaders

Enhance your personal and organisational leadership capability and deliver successful organisational change; for leaders at grades 9 or 10.

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Strategic Leaders

Develop your ability to manage an increasingly complex and varied workload, build high performing teams, develop strategy and lead change; for leaders at grade 8.

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Advancing Leaders

Develop your ability to think and act strategically, build personal influence and networks and lead teams and projects; for grade 7.

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Emerging Leaders

Engage your leadership potential and inspire your goals in this positive action programme; for BAME staff at grades 5, 6 and 7.

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Senior Women in Leadership*

Reflect on your leadership profile and plan how to grow your skills and develop your impact as a senior leader; for grades 8 and 9.

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Women in Leadership*

Understand your own leadership capabilities, what it means to be a female leader, and how to enhance your potential; for grades 6 and 7.


Experienced Principal Investigator Programme

Helps senior researchers reflect on their  leadership skills and amplify their strategic planning in their particular contexts and situations

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Advancing Principal Investigators (previously Research Team Leaders)

Develop the necessary skills and tools to lead a research team whilst developing your research career; for grades 8 and 9

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Leadership in Action

Prepare for a role in a leadership in your chosen research field or wider HE community; for early career researchers at grades 6 to 8.

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Women in Research*

Explore your career options and leadership aspirations; open to female research or teaching staff at grades 6b to 8.

Heads of Department induction programme

Head of Department Induction

An induction programme to enable effective transition into the Head of Department role for newly appointed Heads of Department.

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Senior Leaders Induction

An induction package for staff moving into senior leadership positions at UCL; for grades 10 and above.

*this programme is open to women staff (including trans women and non binary people who are comfortable in a female-centred community).