UCL Human Resources


Improving your success: Effective strategies for academic policy engagement

Have you ever wondered how research can inform public policy? Do you want to know how policymakers think? If yes, this interactive workshop is for you.

The objective of this session is to help participants to gain experience and skills to enable engagement with policymakers. We will transform your understanding of how academic-policy engagement works in practice and provide you with strategies that enable you to engage your research more effectively.

Delivered by UCL and the Government Equalities Office, the session will explore how research can inform UK policy decisions and the steps that researchers can take to create opportunities for research-driven public policy impact. We’ll highlight that it’s possible to engage with policy stakeholders at any point during a research career, and at any point during the life-cycle of a research project and build skills to enable researchers to do so. 

The objective will be met through an interactive workshop design that draws on real-world examples, discussions and practical exercises, and aims to develop a researcher’s appreciation of:

  • The complexities of policymaking.
  • How policymakers think and make decisions.
  • How to structure your research so that it can over overcome complexities in the policy system.

You also get to hear from facilitators who currently work with and in policy environments and have the opportunity to discuss policy engagement in relation to your own research.

This workshop will be delivered by the Government Equalities Office, UCL Grand Challenges and UCL Public Policy.