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Updated guidance on retiring from UCL now available

24 June 2024

To make the retirement process as simple and straightforward as possible for colleagues we’ve reviewed our Retirement Guidance.

Annual Report

At UCL we have no compulsory retirement age, staff may voluntarily retire at a time of their choice, subject to providing appropriate notice.

To make the retirement process simple and straightforward we’ve reviewed our Retirement Guidance.   Updates include:

  • Linking the guidance to the Pre-Retirement Planning training course.   The course provides an introduction to retirement, with help to plan financially and for the next phase of you life.
  • Providing guidance on eligibility and the process of applying for the title of Emeritus Professor
  • Outlining what flexible retirement might mean for colleagues, in particular if you have a joint contract with the NHS.
  • Clarifying arrangements around returning to UCL after full retirement.  Including that; after full retirement, a break in service is required and other conditions may apply.


For more information and support on retiring from UCL take a look at our updated retirement guidance.