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Call out for internal coaches to deliver pilot coaching programme for Black staff

29 September 2020

Are you a qualified coach looking to develop within UCL? Or perhaps you’ve been informally coaching for years and would like to formalise your skills.  Whichever situation you are in, Coach at UCL can help you in return for 3 hours coaching each month to support Black staff.

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In return for 3 hours of pro bono coaching per month, we’re offering refresher coaching training focussing on supporting the pilot cohort, free group coach supervision from an accredited external provider and the chance to be part of a peer coach network. This is of course also a great opportunity to engage in institutional citizenship, advance race equity and upskill in a broad range of EDI competencies. 

Through Coach at UCL, we want to move UCL towards a coaching culture that empowers its 13,000+ employees to perform at their best while supporting their well-being; that ensures the organisation is listening to a diverse range of voices and that engenders even greater curiosity and innovation in its daily practice.  

We’re driven to make coaching more accessible to the staff who would benefit from it the most, at the same time as developing our home-grown talent as coaches. 

Become a UCL coach

The first step, is to build an internal coaching community and we’re looking for coaches from within the organisation to apply to be part of an exciting pilot that we'll start delivering in January 2021. If you’re in a grade 8 role or above and have the skills and experience we’re looking for, we strongly encourage you to apply using the link in the sidebar. The deadline for applications is 22 October 2020

Supporting Black staff to progress their careers

We’re starting with a small, targeted pilot in January 2021, which will focus provision on Black staff at grades 8 and 9 (and BAME staff selected for the Accelerate to Leadership programme), who want to progress in their careers but don’t currently have access to coaching. Black staff are chronically under-represented at the highest levels of the organisation, with a significant drop in numbers of staff at grade 10. Coaching will be one of a range of interventions, delivered under the umbrella of the EDI strategy, that we hope will help address barriers to progression. 

Opening the scheme up to more staff in the future

The outcomes of the pilot will inform what we anticipate will be the future expansion of the programme. For those of you interested in being coached, we’ll be sharing more information in the coming months about how you can apply to the programme as a coachee. For those of you’re interested in becoming an internal coach, please visit the Coach at UCL web page to find out about the benefits and requirements as well as the application process. 

Coaching is an undeniably valuable tool for leadership development, and even more so during these times of great uncertainty and volatility. Where there is no blueprint for the future, the self-reflection that coaching engenders helps individuals make better decisions for themselves and for the organisation. You can read more on the impact of coaching on the Coach at UCL web page