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OD launches Inkpath, a new app designed to support online learning

13 May 2020

As part of the Covid-19 response, Organisational Development launched Inkpath to better support research staff and students in online learning. We would like to improve researcher development across UCL, tell us what you think about Inkpath for a chance to win Surface Go bundle.

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Inkpath rolled out to UCL postgraduate students to support online training for researchers

The OD Innovation and Consultancy team has launched Inkpath to all UCL researchers, to offer better developmental support while training is delivered online.

What would you like from an app, to help with your development? Tell us what you think for a chance to win Surface Go bundle!

During these exceptional times, we are adapting to best support our research community. We would like to hear from you! Download the app, think creatively about how it can help you, and let us know what you think!

OD Innovation and Consultancy team has partnered with the makers of Inkpath, to offer a free access to their lifelong skills-tracking and development tool for researchers. Launched during Postdoc Appreciation Week, the app already received some insightful feedback from early stage researchers. 

Now, in the wake of the Covid-19 emergency and the switch to online learning, we are scaling up access to Inkpath to better support your experience. We will be using Inkpath to collect registrations for the UCL DocSkills programme, and also to monitor online attendance for all researcher development activities (for research staff and PGR students).

How can Inkpath help with accessing OD training?

  • We uploaded all researcher development courses organised by the OD team (RSDP and UCL DocSkills programmes) to Inkpath, so you can find them all in one place.
  • We are taking registrations for UCL DocSkills directly via Inkpath. You will just need to find a course you would like to join, and add it to your profile on Inkpath. 
  • We are using Inkpath to verify attendance on UCL DocSkills and RSDP courses. It's easy: just scan the QR code shown by your tutor at the end of the course. No registers and illegible signatures to worry about!
  • You can log in to Inkpath using UCL Single Sign-On, so there is no need to remember another password.

How can Inkpath help you?

  • Inkpath is a personal and professional development platform, allowing you to track and plan development.
  • You can access it via a smartphone app and all web browsers, on any device. 
  • Inkpath will recommend activities and training programmes, personalised to the your department, goals and career pathways. 
  • Think outside the box! Add your skills and activities outside academia to plan your future in an informed way.  
  • A profile for life: it can be taken from your current institution and used in your new destination, for as long as you need.

Learn more about Inkpath@UCL

What would you like from an app to help with your development? Tell us what you think!

Are you a UCL researcher with ideas on best practice in researcher development?
Would you like to share your insights and help us develop a new approach to supporting early stage researchers?
If yes, tell us about your experience with Inkpath for a chance to win Surface Go Bundle!

Tell us what you think about Inkpath!

  • Think of what works for you, what can be improved, the gaps and potential ideas for development. Think big - we are interested in all ideas!
  • Complete this short form to submit your ideas by 30 June 2020
  • InCo team will meet on 1 July to discuss all submissions and pick the most interesting, insightful one...
  • ...and the winner will be invited to collect Surface Go Bundle from our office (or we will post it to their chosen address) just in time for the summer break!

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