UCL Human Resources


Internal secondments to assist fill vacancies and manage workloads during the recruitment freeze

10 June 2020

Whilst UCL has a general recruitment freeze it is nonetheless essential that critical services across the University are maintained. Consequently, we have worked with our trade unions and the EDI team to introduce a temporary variation to our usual internal Secondment Guidance.

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The change will:

  • facilitate the internal movement of staff, deploying skills quickly and fairly while not making a permanent commitment
  • help to continue to retain and motivate UCL’s valued and talented workforce
  • provide an opportunity for staff to develop their skills by working in a different department or faculty
  • provide a means of taking lawful positive action to address issues of underrepresented groups, where appropriate

Where work is urgent and business critical, employees and redeployees will be able to take on short term secondment assignments without the need to go through a recruitment or interview process.  These urgent secondments may range from a few days to several months.

Other secondment opportunities will be subject to a short advertising period of one week and priority will be given to redeployees.

The amended Secondment Guidance is found here.

All secondments are advertised here and interested staff should check this page regularly for exciting opportunities.