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Watch the Sleeposium

31 January 2019

For those of you who missed the Sleeposium, or anyone who would like a reminder of the fantastic tips shared - you can now watch a live recording of the event.

Sleepio image

Thank you to those of you who attended the Sleeposium on 23 January 2019, which marked the launch of our new online Cognitive Behaviour Therapy tool for improving sleep. The event was fully booked within hours and to accommodate those who couldn’t attend, we have recorded it and it is ready to view on our website (with subtitles).

During the talk Dr Sophie Bostock shared useful tips to help us sleep better. Sophie is a UK Innovation Lead at Big Health, the company behind Sleepio, NHS Innovation Accelerator Fellow and Sleep Evangelist. Sophie has a PhD in Health Psychology from UCL and her research interests include the links between sleep, well-being, health and performance. She is a TEDx speaker, and has featured as a sleep expert for ITV and the BBC.