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Important updates on Unitemps

16 January 2019

Over the last few months, the Unitemps team has been processing temporary staff, helping to introduce colleagues to the new system and working with TOPS on their next steps.

Staff standing next to Unitemps banner at launch event

Our first three months

Unitemps is a UCL owned and run recruitment service, managed as part of the HR Division, which supports colleagues through the full hiring process of temporary workers and helps to ensure we are fully compliant when doing so. 

Since opening its doors in October 2018, Unitemps has been managing the recruitment of temporary staff that were previously paid through the SIP Form 7 those completing one-off pieces of temporary work. The team has had a successful first three months of operation. They have managed over 200 assignments with over 50 departments and are looking to grow this activity month on month.

The administrative burden on departments across UCL is reduced as the Unitemps team carry out all eligibility to work checks and the lengthy SiP form is replaced by the Unitemps booking form, which requires minimal fields to be completed. Temporary workers have also benefited from the use of an online timesheet system and simple sign up process.

During the last few months Khiera Yusuf, Unitemps Consultant, has been engaging with colleagues across UCL to help with the transition. Khiera is on hand to talk you through how to transfer your staff and is available by appointment at k.yusuf@ucl.ac.uk.

Next steps and important updates

There are some important changes that will be taking place over the year which we will keep you up-to-date with. These will also be included in the Unitemps FAQ page.

  • From 1 April 2019 Unitemps will be able to advertise vacancies, shortlist and interview candidates. Administrative and student ambassador roles will be more likely to attract candidates at this stage. The team can manage as much or as little of the recruitment process for you as you would like.
  • Over the summer we will be launching a candidate attraction campaign, so that we can ensure we engage the right temporary workers with the right skills, providing UCL departments with access to a skilled and diverse talent bank.
  • From 1 April 2019 we will expect all one-off temporary workers, with the exemption of guest lecturers, to be recruited and paid through Unitemps. Currently only Form 7 staff are being processed, but over time a large proportion of student and non-student workers on temporary or ‘one-off’ contracts will be managed by the team. 
  • At the moment there is no charge to use Unitemps, but starting next academic year (2019/2020) there will be a charge of 8% added to the hourly pay rate. This is significantly cheaper than the rates offered by external recruiters, and combined with the fact we will no longer be paying VAT, we expect to save about £5 million over the next 5 years. 

Getting started with Unitemps

If you have any new one-off assignments, you can find out how to process them on the Unitemps webpage. This page also has an FAQ to answer any questions you might have about how it works, who should be processed or who to speak to for more information.

Get started with Unitemps