UCL Human Resources


Reward update: London Living Wage and UCL’s relocation arrangements

27 March 2018

An increase to the London Living Wage, and to UCL's relocation supplement and expenses.

London at night

Adjustments to the non-clinical payscale

Following the November 2017 increase in the London Living Wage, and to address wider concerns about the cost of living in London, UCL’s Senior Management Team (SMT) has taken the decision to adjust UCL's payscale to ensure that all staff are being paid at the new London Living Wage rate.

UCL had already deleted spine points 1 and 2 of the non-clinical grading structure some time ago, but have now also deleted points 3 and 4 from the scale. As such, any employee on grade 1 point 3 or 4 will be moved up to point 5 of the scale, which has a revised hourly rate of £10.20 per hour. Correspondingly, any employee currently on grade 2 point 4 or 5 will be moved to point 6, which will be the new higher point for that grade. Casual workers whose salaries are linked to the grading structure should also be moved to the new rates going forward. The new scale will be made available on the Human Resources website.

The changes to UCL's salary scale are effective from February 2018 and employees affected by the change have already been moved.

Relocation supplement and expenses

We recognise that relocation to London, both nationally and internationally, has become more expensive and that competition for global recruits is likely to become more challenging. As such SMT have agreed to increase the relocation supplement from its current level of £9,000 to £10,000 for those relocating from within the UK. In addition, the level of relocation supplement for those relocating from outside the UK has been increased from £9,000 to £20,000.

Aside from the increases, the terms and conditions of the supplement remain the same. We hope that the increase will help UCL to continue to attract exceptional staff to relocate to London as part of our overall reward package. The supplement will continue help cover the costs of relocation, which cannot be met by relocation expenses.

In conjunction with the changes to our relocation supplement, and because we are aware that relocation from outside the UK to London is becoming more complex and costly, changes have also been made to UCL’s relocation expenses policy. This has been adjusted so that 20% of base salary is available as a maximum, for any new employee relocating from outside the UK. Previously the provision was that a maximum of 10% could be claimed if relocation was from within Europe.

These changes to relocation provision should be in place for any eligible employee starting after 1 June 2018 and relocating to significantly reduce their commuting time to work.

If you have questions about any of these changes please contact Mark Rice (m.rice@ucl.ac.uk) in UCL Human Resources.