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Government agrees to extend Childcare Vouchers

15 March 2018

The closure of workplace childcare voucher schemes has been delayed for six months – until October 2018.

Children and Family

Childcare Vouchers are a government scheme designed to help parents afford high quality childcare. UCL operates a Childcare Voucher scheme with Kiddivouchers Ltd. This is a benefit that lets parents make substantial savings against the cost of their childcare. You can use Childcare Vouchers for many different kinds of childcare, ranging from nurseries and childminders through to out-of-school activities, breakfast clubs and afterschool care for older children.

Previously we wrote that the existing scheme would close in April 2018, as it is being replaced by the government's new Tax-Free Childcare scheme. However the government has now confirmed that the scheme will not close until October 2018. This is good news for UCL staff as you will now have a further six months in which to join our scheme. 

Some staff will be better off in the existing Childcare Vouchers scheme, whilst others will be better with Tax-Free Childcare, depending on individual circumstances. For advice on the best childcare arrangements for your family, visit the Childcare Choices website. 

To help colleagues understand the changes, UCL Human Resources and the Parents and Carers Together (PACT) network ran a lunchtime session on Wednesday 21 February. 


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