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UCL launches Agreement of Consistent Treatment (ACT)

19 July 2018

This innovative new initiative will help to remove barriers at work for Disabled staff and colleagues with caring responsibilities.

Audience at the National Conference of the National Association of Disabled Staff Networks

Rex Knight, UCL Disability Equality Champion and Vice-Provost (Operations) officially launched the ACT at the National Conference of the National Association of Disabled Staff Networks (NADSN), which UCL proudly hosted last week.

Rex Knight, UCL Disability Equality Champion and Vice-Provost (Operations)

The Agreement of Consistent Treatment (ACT) will help to facilitate positive conversations between staff who require adjustments and their line managers, and will become a living record of the reasonable adjustments and flexible working arrangements in place, which enable an individual to do their job on equal terms with their non-Disabled peers.

The Agreement will stay in place for any Disabled employee or for staff with established atypical working arrangements, even if they change jobs at UCL or have a new line manager. 

The ACT will allow Disabled employees and those with caring responsibilities to:

  • review with their line manager the effectiveness of the adjustments agreed
  • discuss any change in their circumstances or the nature of their condition and any alterations in support necessary as a result of such changes
  • be reassured that their manager knows what to do if they become unwell at work (for staff with long term, fluctuating or progressive conditions)
  • know how and when their manager will keep in touch with them if they are absent from work for illness, caring or for an access-related reason
  • be assured that their manager is committed to meeting their access and other needs in the workplace.

Rex Knight said: “As the UCL Disability Equality Champion, I am proud to endorse the ACT as one means of ensuring that barriers faced by Disabled Staff in the workplace are removed. The ACT underlines UCL’s commitment to building confidence amongst all our staff in tackling discrimination and promoting inclusion.”

Fiona Ryland, Director of Human Resources said: “I am delighted at this major stride forward for UCL. We will now be able to ensure that individual staff records reflect the agreed adjustments people need and we will have a sound, growing evidence base which will help us to plan and anticipate for future needs of staff. This is a very positive development which I welcome.”

View recorded presentations and download slides from the conference, including Rex Knight’s announcement of the ACT.

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