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Industrial action at UCL this term

15 February 2018

Details of how to prepare for industrial action affecting UCL from 22 February, and how to access the strike reporting system.

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Strike action is scheduled to take place on the following dates:

  • Week 1: Thursday and Friday 22 - 23 February
  • Week 2: Monday – Wednesday 26 - 28 February
  • Week 3: Monday – Thursday 5 - 8 March
  • Week 4: Monday – Friday 12 - 16 March

If you decide to participate in the strike action above, or take Action Short of a Strike (ASOS) on other days, you will need to use the online reporting system (staff portal) to declare that you are doing so. You will need to enter each day of action separately. Instructions on how to enter information are available on the portal. This information will be used to enact payroll deductions, and pay withheld will not be repaid when the action is concluded.  Action taken in February will need to be recorded by 09 March at the latest and pay deductions will be made in the March payroll, action taken between 5 - 8 March by Friday 6 April for pay deductions in the April payroll, and action taken between 12 - 16 March by Friday 6 April for pay deductions in the May payroll. However for health and safety reasons staff are encouraged to use the reporting system, or notify their line manager, in advance or on the day of strike action if possible. This is to ensure adequate safety cover in labs, and enough fire marshals in each UCL building

UCL policy is that 100% of pay will be withheld from staff for any days when they are taking part in strike action. Pay will be deducted at a rate of 1/365ths in these circumstances. Part-time staff taking action will have pay deducted on a pro-rata basis. UCL also reserves the right to deduct up to 100% of pay for partial performance of duties, in terms of ASOS, whilst taking into account the impact on the university’s performance and/or commitment to its students. Deductions will be paid into the Student Hardship Fund.

Staff who refuse to cross the picket line will be treated as taking strike action and absence should be recorded accordingly. All staff who take strike action will have pay deducted on the above basis.

Where can I find more information?

We have drawn up a Proposed changes to USS - Frequently Asked Questions page so we can address queries shared by many colleagues. This page includes information about the proposed changes to the pension scheme and the background to the dispute.

If you need further advice please contact your line manager.

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