UCL Human Resources


Work experience for UCL Academy students

24 July 2017

Group photo of work experience students

Organisational Development in conjunction with UCL Academy organised work experience placements across the university for nine A Level students during the week 10-14 July.

This is a scheme open only to UCL Academy students which helps to further develop the relationship between the school and the university. It also provides an invaluable introduction to the work place and university life for the students. A number of departments across the institution came forward and volunteered to host a student during the week. Departments amongst others included UCL Innovation and Enterprise, UCL School of Pharmacy, UCL Library Services and UCL Institute of Health Informatics. 

Organisational Development hosted student Jennifer Su who carried out a number of tasks whilst with the team. She completed an MBTI exercise to explore her own personality preferences and to understand how this tool could be used to help understand how personality preferences can impact on team dynamics and performance. She also conducted some research comparing the Doctoral Skills Development website against a number of other universities and provided feedback based on her research.

On the final day of the placements, Organisational Development organised a workshop for the students delivered by a Careers Consultant from UCL Careers. This workshop explored how the students could further develop their career goals and how they should go about marketing their experiences on CVs, cover letters and application forms. 

Some great feedback was received from the students regarding their experience. This included:

  • ‘Thank you to the Organisational Development team for meeting me and making me feel welcome.’
  • ‘Shout-out to my supervisors in the Innovation and Enterprise department, they were extraordinary and brilliant!’

Khiera Yusuf