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Inkpath is the lifelong skills and career development platform

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UCL has made this service available to all UCL postgraduate research students and early stage research staff, giving you free access to this tool. You can integrate it into your day-to-day working life as you progress through your postgraduate degree then postdoctoral research and training and plan the next stage of your career. Your Inkpath portfolio will stay with you throughout your career at this and other institutions.

Accessed via a mobile app or on the web, Inkpath will direct you to training and development opportunities relevant to your desired path, allowing you to track your progress, export it for a CV, share with other online platforms and get constant data-driven feedback.

What is Inkpath?

Inkpath is a personal and professional development platform with two parts: a smartphone app and a web-based management interface. Through Inkpath you can track and plan your development, empowering you to think broadly about your future and engage you in their own development so you they can approach your next steps in an informed way.  

You can record all your training and personal development activities in one place. This can include formal and informal, past and future, internal and external training and other activity. Seminars, conferences, publications, meetings and projects can all contribute to your portfolio.

Take ownership of your career

The Inkpath app will help you analyse your strengths and weaknesses, define a course of action, and connect with activities and opportunities to make it happen from across your institution and beyond.
With Inkpath, you will discover the training available and tailored specifically to your needs. Wherever the event occurs and whoever is the provider, all events are brought together in one place where you can search and filter to find opportunities for you. 

Inkpath shows you key information about each event and directs you directly to the relevant booking page – so you don’t have to search multiple websites to find the right course for you. You can reflect on your development and understand your next steps. You can also scan-in training and take quick notes on the go. And you can export your profile straight from the app, ready for your CV.

Inkpath is for life

You retain access to the platform and all this information, for life. Your information builds into a rich portfolio of activity, mapped against your institution’s skills framework. This rich record of your activity, evidence and notes can all be exported when the time comes to write CVs, report on your activity or apply for your next position or funding.