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Inkpath - Frequently Asked Questions

A list of common questions and answers providing basic information on Inkpath which we hope you will find helpful.



What is Inkpath?

Inkpath is a personal and professional development platform, accessible through a smartphone app and a web browser. 

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What are the main features of the smartphone app?

Key features of the Inkpath app allow you to:

  • Browse and explore activities and training opportunities
  • Find goals to complete, based on developing specific skills or completing specific activities
  • Record the activities you’ve completed and export them for use in a CV
  • Give feedback on activities to their organiser
  • Understand how your activities are helping to build your skills profile.

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What are the main benefits of using the app?

The main benefits of using the app are:

  • Inkpath generates a mobile portfolio, built to help you enhance your career prospects by keeping an up-to-date record of all your activities
  • Inkpath can record all your skill and career development activity, in your university and beyond, mapped automatically across a set of key indicators
  • Inkpath records your activity – past, present and future (and you retain access for life)
  • The app can help you to identify development opportunities across your university and beyond
  • Your university can set pathways to follow which collate useful events, opportunities and content relevant to you
  • Inkpath can be used to monitor attendance and gather feedback, thus helping us manage the events and leaving us more time to improve provisions.

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I don't have a smartphone. Can I use the Inkpath app on my desktop?

Yes, you can use Inkpath desktop user interface, which runs in a web browser and allows you access to all the features of the Inkpath smartphone app.

You can access the desktop user interface via the website: https://www.inkpath.co.uk

As it runs in a browser window, it can be opened on just about any device, the desktop site works in just the same way as the smartphone app.

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Who owns my data? What about privacy?

You can read more about Inkpath’s policies and GDPR compliance in their Privacy Policy. 

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Where do I download the Inkpath app from?

You can download Inkpath from either the Google Play or the Apple Store.

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How much does the Inkpath cost?

Inkpath is paid for by the institution and it is absolutely free for the users. 

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How do I sign up?

You can sign up using the main interface on the app or web client:

  • Open up the phone app or navigate to https://www.Inkpath.co.uk in your browser. 
  • Click the login tab (“User login” if using desktop browser)
  • Choose Single Sign-on option (purple button under Login tab).
  • Select your university as University College London. 
  • To complete the process, click “sign with Single Sign-On”.

Make sure you read the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use before accepting the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

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Access to the Inkpath smartphone app: for how long will I have access?

Access to Inkpath is controlled by UCL under our annual subscription to Inkpath. 

However, once you have created a profile, you can use that profile for the life of the Inkpath platform, even if UCL no longer subscribes to it, or if you leave UCL and take your next steps elsewhere – we are effectively buying you access for life. 

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I can see that courses have different booking options. Why?

We are using Inkpath for our researcher development programmes, but we also reached out to teams providing training across UCL to make sure that you have access to as many training opportunities as possible. In time, we hope that all training available to UCL researchers will be included in Inkpath, making it easier for you to plan your development. 

How to make sense of it? In a nutshell, here is what you need to know:

  1. Courses booked via Inkpath will have either 'Book activity' or 'Join the waiting list' purple button. Majority of UCL DocSkills courses will be booked via Inkpath, except for training shared with other groups, or when there is a local booking system in place. 
  2. Courses advertised in Inkpath, but booked externally, can be recognised by a purple 'Go to external booking page' button. Click on that link to navigate to the local booking system and follow the instructions there to complete your booking.
  3. Occasionally, you will come across activities that do not require registration (drop-in sessions or e-resources). In this case, you will only see 'Add to my activities' green button. This doesn't confirm your training, but it acts as your own reminder/record of the development you are interested in or completed. You can think of it as your favourites list. Use this option with bookable courses only if you find the session interesting, but do not want to book it (e.g. you are not available to attend it). This will help us see where the programme needs to grow. 

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How do I book a course on Inkpath?

Inkpath will be used for all DocSkills bookings. Booking a place is easy. If a course requires booking you will see a purple button 'book activity' or 'join waiting list' (if the course is full). You may also see 'go to external booking page' occasionally, if booking is required on another system. Inkpath may ask some questions about your booking, then will tell you if your place is confirmed.  If you are on the waiting list, Inkpath will tell you by email if a space becomes available.  You will receive an email one day before a booked event to remind you to attend. 

You can use the 'add to my calendar' option (mobile app only) to set a reminder in your device calendar.

When you attend an event you must remember to scan the QR code (mobile app) or enter the verification code (web app) to record your attendance.

A few days before the course we will send you an email with the web link to the online event or update the 'click here to join' link to take you directly to the live event at the relevant date and time. For e-learning modules, part of a blended program, the link will take you directly to the relevant learning platform where you can start the course at anytime.

For RSDP programme, you will need to book your place on My Learning system, and use Inkpath to confirm the attendance during the session.

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How do I join a session from Inkpath?

All your activities will be listed on your 'Activities' page.  For live face:face events, we will then email you the address and room number.

For online sessions, click on the 'Upcoming Events' tab', and then click on the 'Click to Join' button. 


How do I confirm my attendance?

During the session, your convener will display a QR code on the screen. Please scan it with your phone (green button in the activity section of Inkpath) to confirm your attendance. This will automatically update your training list, and confirm that you attended the course. If you are using the Inkpath web app, please use the 'confirm attendance' green button (in the activity section of the Inkpath) and enter the numeric code shown with the QR code on the screen. 

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What are my goals and how are they set?

You can find goals set for you by your organisation or set them yourself.

There are two types of goals: skills-based goals and goals which require the completion of a specific set of activities. You can find activities, events and opportunities to help you complete your goals by exploring the goals sub-screens. You can also read descriptions of the goals and set a ‘start date’ for the goal, thus setting the window in which activities will count towards completing the goal.

Only activities you complete after the start date will count towards completing the goal.

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What is Researcher Development Framework (RDF)?

The RDF has been created for researchers and by researchers, as a national effort to describe the characteristics of excellent researchers. It identifies four main areas of expertise (domains), each further broken down into three subdomains. All events delivered by OD team are mapped to RDF (up to two subdomains per course). 

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What are the training points?

Each training activity on the Doctoral Skills Development Programme website is assigned a number of points. A point is worth approximately ½ day of training: two weeks per year is therefore equivalent to 20 points per year.

Research students at UCL are expected to take advantage of UCL Doc Skills and other training on offer and should aim to participate in relevant training to an equivalent of 20 points per year (10 days per year).

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Why should I record my training?

Recording your training will allow your or supervisors and your department to be informed about your activities. You may also want to keep detailed account of your training to use as proof of your development when you apply for future jobs.

Verification of the accuracy of your record is conducted by your department.

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Can I add a course? 

You can add an external activity or course by doing the following:

  • Go to the "Activities" page (shown by the pencil icon)
  • Click “Create Activity".

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How do I edit an existing course? 

You can only edit a course on the activities tab that were created by doing the following:

  • Clicking on your created course.
  • Click on “Edit activity”.
  • Then proceed to edit any of the fields you want.

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Should I fill in 5* course rating on Inkpath and what is the rating used for?

If you have the time, we encourage you to complete the course rating on Inkpath. We use this data administratively to shape the Researcher Development Programme, taking on board your feedback. 

Our catalogue of course offerings are constantly evolving, please refer to the RDF categories to find out if the course meets your learning needs.

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