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Introducing Inkpath

Organisational Development are rolling out Inkpath to better support research staff and students while courses are delivered online.

The UCL Organisational Development Innovation and Consultancy team have partnered with Inkpath, the lifelong skills and career development tool for researchers. We are offering free access to this self-development app for researchers.

Inkpath and your learning activities

Use Inkpath to register for UCL DocSkills and BPSN courses. It's easy, just go to Inkpath, find a course you like and click 'Book activity'. If the course registrations are handled outside of Inkpath (for example, when it is provided by another team), you will see 'Go To External Booking Page' button instead. If you are using your phone, remember to also click "add to my calendar" - this way the course and a reminder will automatically be added to your default calendar. Read more about it on our Frequently Asked Questions website. We will also be using Inkpath to monitor the attendance on all researcher development courses (both RSDP and UCL DocSkills programme).

Inkpath is available on all platforms via Single Sign-On option:

Login to Inkpath.

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Learn more about Inkpath

Find out more about Inkpath and how you can use it to take ownership of your development both now and in the future