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Introducing Inkpath

Organisational Development are rolling out Inkpath to better support research staff and students while courses are delivered online.

Use Inkpath to register for UCL DocSkills and BPSN courses. It's easy, just go to Inkpath, find a course you like and click 'Book activity'. If the course registrations are handled outside of Inkpath (for example, when it is provided by another team), you will see 'Go To External Booking Page' button instead. Read more about it on our Frequently Asked Questions website. 

Check what's coming up for Inkpath

Latest update to Inkpath (15 April 2021) brought us an addition of an enhanced email notification system. You will now receive a confirmation email whenever your booking status changes, whether you make a booking, receive a place from the waiting list, or cancel your reservation. You will also receive up to three event reminders: one week, one day, and one hour before the session (you can opt out of these reminders in your settings). What's more, you will also get a calendar appointment attachment in these emails, allowing you to add the session to your email client with just one click.

From 21 April 2021, Research Log users will be able to see their Inkpath booking visible on their Skills & Courses section. Their training points will also be updated to reflect their attendance.

Here's a little sneak preview of what's coming next for Inkpath:

  • This summer, activities added manually by researchers will generate training points, just like courses on our programmes.
  • There will be several enhancements to the booking platform, allowing our admin team to support you better.
  • Over 2021/22, the Inkpath team will work on getting your supervisors and PIs better connected with Inkpath.

Tell us about your experience with Inkpath: what you enjoyed and how you would like to see it grow.

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Learn more about Inkpath

Find out more about Inkpath and how you can use it to take ownership of your development both now and in the future