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Cancellation policy

The UCL Doc Skills cancellation policy.

The Doctoral Skills Development Programme (UCL Doc Skills) provides personal and professional development opportunities for UCL postgraduate researchers and students at Bloomsbury Postgraduate Skills Network institutions. The programme takes close to 12,000 bookings per academic year. Last minute cancellations can be difficult to process within our small team.

We ask that you uphold the following policy as a courtesy to fellow postgraduate researchers who may wish to benefit from a space on a course that you no longer wish to attend:

  1. Once you have registered for a course you are expected to attend that course in full. If you find you are unable to attend the course for whatever reason, please remove your booking, providing as much notice as possible, in order that your place can be offered to another student. Please bear in mind that there may be a waiting list for that course.
  2. You are expected to manage your bookings and your reservations on waiting lists through the UCL Doc Skills website or the Research Log.
  3. To remove your booking, please log in on the UCL Doc Skills website, select 'My Training' and press 'Cancel' next to the particular course. Alternatively go to the 'Skills & Courses' section of the Research Log and remove your booking on there. You can remove your waiting list reservation at any time.
  4. If you remove your booking with less than three days' notice it will be automatically marked by the booking system as a non-attendance.
  5. If you are unwell or have other mitigating circumstances please email the UCL Doc Skills team to let us know at docskills@ucl.ac.uk.
  6. Attendance on UCL Doc Skills courses is monitored using sign-in sheets. Please make sure that you sign the register on the day, or you will be marked as not present.
  7. If you accrue up to three non-attendances the system will automatically place a block on your account and you will be unable to make bookings for a further 3 calendar months. Any bookings you have made for that period will also be removed from your account. Your access to the programme will be reinstated when that 3 month period has elapsed.