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Team Building and Development

A suite of offerings by UCL Organisational Development.

Most UCL staff work in teams – it’s really important that we learn how to work together.

We have worked with facilitators to design standard sessions and workshops for team development. These promote a range of team outcomes including team-building, resilience, motivation, managing change and maximising performance.

OD can facilitate your access to both internal and external providers and programmes. All of our facilitators are experts in their field and as demand is high, we ask for a booking lead time of 15 to 30 days in advance. Any associated charges are to cover costs.

Available offerings


For:  Team-building, Team-alignment, Motivation, Managing change. 

A communication preference framework that allows for a much deeper understanding of how to influence others and how we like to be influenced. Different to MBTI, Tetramap allows for a broader approach that allows for individual reflection, team growth and most importantly highlights the strength of team diversity. Tetramap is an extremely effective tool for teams working better together, embracing intersectionality within an organisation and developing leaders.

Facilitators delivering the session are all qualified and trained by Tetramap International.


Option A 
2 hours: covers essential material on preferences, individual and team reflection.

Option B  
3.5 hours: covers essential material on preferences, individual and team reflection. This session engages further with the concepts and the element of team diversity by allowing for more exercises in elemental teams.

Ways of Working Session and Diagnostic

For: Team-alignment, Managing Change, Team-building

The Ways of Working session is designed to enhance team and individual understanding of these set of behaviours and values. The session explains it’s applicability in developmental conversations, appraisals, recruitment but also the way that we are expected to work on a daily basis at UCL and towards our 2034 mission.

Through an engaging session that allows team members to also understand the pressures their colleagues may be facing - the WOW session, also offers the opportunity of a diagnostic.

This diagnostic enables individuals and the whole team to reflect on the WOW indicators they are strong on and where they need to develop. The outcome of the session is that both the team and individuals identify actions that will assist in reaching their WOW goals.

Duration: 2.5 hours

Circles of Influence and Mood Matrix

For: Resilience building, Managing Change, Team Motivation.

Having emerged from UCL’s response to Covid through the “Managing Remotely” series for managers we are now offering this reflective workshop as a tool for teams.

Based on Steven Covey’s Circles of Influence model, we empower teams to have to the reflective space to address concerns that may be weighing on them and enable an environment where by colleagues can coach each other towards optimal solutions. This model is rooted in the concept that we have more control than we originally think.

The Mood Matrix is also tool to check in with individuals that creates a positive atmosphere and that teams can integrate into BAU when it comes to their meetings.

Duration: 2.5 hours

Team Branding and Team Boardroom

For: Managing Change, Team-alignment, Team-Building

Inspired by one of the S/WILD modules on Leadership profiles, branding and personal boardrooms- this is a session that looks at what teams are known for internally and externally to UCL.

Exercises and reflective conversations allow teams to hone their image and identify stakeholders that can help them achieve their team mission and objectives.

Duration:  2 hours


For: Team-building, Team-alignment, Motivation, Managing change. 

Our providers are also always happy to have a conversation around building bespoke sessions to meet other needs. If you need assistance in assessing which one suits your department/faculty please talk to your HRBP or contact our OD lead on team activities.

Prioritising the right things and getting clear on what everyone is doing

For: Team-alignment, Managing Change, Team-building, Resilience Building

This practical webinar will help teams get really clear on what everyone is working on and which activities should be prioritised. The workshop explores a range of tools for prioritising before supporting participants through a comprehensive project mapping exercise which plots all current activity. Looking across the team helps provide clarity around who is doing what, it reveals duplication and identifies gaps. It enables the team to calibrate their efforts and agree on priorities.

Teams will leave feeling clearer and more in control of their work and how it fits in with colleagues’ work. Everyone will leave with a plan for the next few weeks in their calendar. This facilitated session works alongside the Working Smarter programme module Prioritising the Right Things.

Duration: 3 hours

Making Email Work for You

For: Team-alignment, Managing Change, Team-building, Resilience Building

This practical webinar will help you get your inbox to zero and set you up with an effective way to save you time, help you prioritise effectively and reduce anxiety. You’ll apply the tools in the lesson and leave ready to try out the approach before adapting it to suit your way of working. Inbox Zero will help you feel more in control of your work and more confident you are working on the right things.

Great for teams to explore different approaches and clarify expectations and assumptions. Great for helping teams agree protocols for shared inboxes, and communication channels. This facilitated session works alongside the Working Smarter programme modules - Creating the Space for Important Work and Make Email Work for You. 

Duration: 2 hours

Dealing with Burnout - how to spot it and protect yourself from it

For: Team-alignment, Managing Change, Team-building, Resilience Building

This webinar will help you / your team think about the causes of burnout and design ways you can protect yourself from it. This is a practical session taught in small groups focused on helping you identify the risks you are exposed to right now and the steps you can take

Duration: 2 hours

Personal Impact and Resilience

For:  Managing Change, Team-building, Resilience Building

Resilience skills are especially needed now, given  the pressures of remote working, the management of work life balance and the uncertainties around future and any potential/actual changes. Around 25% employees consider work as the number one stress factor in their lives. Those who have developed resilience skills learn to manage their day to day challenges and thrive. resilience is built by attitudes, behaviours and social supports that can be adopted and cultivated by anyone.  The interactive session will help you understand and build your own levels of resilience with actionable steps. Overall you will have a better understanding  on how to tap into coping strategies in managing challenges and stress.
Duration: 2 hours

LEGO Serious Play

For: Team-alignment, Team-building

We believe that strengthening team-cohesion is a significant feature of high-performance and that LEGO® Serious Play® (LSP) will greatly enhance team cohesion and increase overall effectiveness and productivity of teams. Developed over 15 years by LEGO, the LSP methodology is an innovative process designed to enhance innovation and business performance. This approach has been proven to create a deeper, more meaningful understanding of the world and its possibilities, LSP deepens the reflection process and supports an effective dialogue – for everyone in the organisation. 

LEGO® Serious Play® can be used for: coaching, team building, problem solving, developing new and improved services and products, change management and transition, developing vision, culture and values, to explore concepts and to resolve conflict in teams.

Duration: 2.5 hours

Who Shows Up?

For: Team- Alignment and Team Identity

A team-building workshop that offers the participants a playful yet thought-provoking and powerful way to deepen their self-awareness and the awareness of their team members to help everyone redefine how they wish to be perceived by others as individuals and as a team.

The workshop draws on extensive research related to identity that highlights how people’s multiple selves and the constellation of roles they play in life impacts their behaviours, decisions and relationships. During the session, the participants will have an opportunity to reflect.

Through individual and collective storytelling, the participants will become more conscious and deliberate about which parts of themselves should show up depending on the context to increase impact and influence while remaining authentic.

Who Shows Up? merges themes of personal brand, team identity and behavioural agility.

Duration: 2.5 hours