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Andrea Birte Schueller

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A business psychologist by education, Andrea has built a reputation as a knowledgeable, engaged partner for organisations, teams and individuals who want to succeed and flourish in challenging circumstances. Her clients are leading international companies, mainly in the financial services sector and professional services firms, with some of these collaborations spanning well over 20 years.

The majority of Andrea’s time is dedicated to designing and delivering bespoke leadership development programmes that accelerate individual and organisational growth. They are targeted at high potentials who are being developed for future/broader leadership roles. 

Andrea started as a consultant, being involved in large-scale change projects that ranged from creating and implementing a new approach to market to supporting organisations through restructures and mergers/acquisitions. In this role, she realised how leaders needed to be to truly enable those around them: fuelling their self-efficacy and agency and ensuring they understand the organisation’s “why” for whatever is happening. Only then can they make conscious choices about committing their ability and potential in its support.

Being an avid learner, Andrea graduated with an MSc in Coaching and Behavioural Change in the UK 20 years after her German MSc in Psychology. Her own research focused firstly on the effectiveness of different set-ups in teaching people how to become more self-motivated. Subsequent research focused on creating psychological safety as a precursor to effective peer coaching in leadership development programmes, even though the participants competed for the top jobs. She is just about to start her training as a Logotherapist.

Andrea’s coaching assignments range from coaching senior executives in preparation for new roles, working with partners of top international consultancies to develop their practice and leadership further, as well as supporting individuals at the cusp of taking their first people management role or specifically seeking her out to be their sparring partner as they face up to personal challenges, or want to completely re-orient themselves. Coachees often comment on her ‘light touch’ and compassion, paired with an ability to ask the really hard questions. Having grown up in Japan and Pakistan and with many happy years living and working in the UK under her belt, Andrea delights in working internationally. 90% of her work is delivered in English to international groups.

Areas of expertise

Andrea is working with all levels of management in leading international organisations, Professional Service Firms, start-ups and in the not-for-profit sector.

  • Leadership
  • Managing People
  • Coaching skills for managers
  • Leading and managing organisational change
  • Overcoming barriers to individual change
  • Understanding and utilising own strengths and developing a purpose
  • Creating and harnessing psychological safety in teams
  • Dealing with conflicts

Education and Professional Certification


  • 2012 MSc in Coaching and Behavioural Change (Henley Business School)
  • 1991 MSc in Psychology (Diplompsychologin), University of Bamberg


  • 2016 Time to Think Facilitator
  • 2016 Time to Think Coach
  • Ongoing education in Positive Psychology with Seligman Europe
  • Executive Fellow at Henley Business School until 2020
  • International Fellow at the Society of Leadership Fellows

Membership of Professional Coaching Bodies

  • Accredited with APECS (Association for Professional Executive Coaching and Supervision)

Contact details

Email: fozia.latif@rkbconsultancy.com
Websites: www.rkbconsultancy.com