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The Coaching Culture Programme aims to empower our 13,000+ employees to perform at their best while supporting their wellbeing; ensure the organisation is listening to a diverse range of voices and stimulate even greater curiosity and innovation in our daily practice.

The first phase of the programme focusses on building a sustainable internal coaching community to support the needs of our staff. We have recruited our first cohort of coaches, and coach applications are currently closed. Future opportunities will be posted here. 

Prioritising under-represented groups

In January 2021 we launched a pilot, focusing coaching provision on Black* staff at grades 8 and 9 as well as participants on the Accelerate to Leadership programme. In response to demand, we're inviting a second cohort of coachees to join the programme in May.

Black staff are consistently under-represented at the highest levels of the organisation and whilst the critical work of addressing complex institutional barriers to progression gets underway, we aim to make valuable leadership resources, such as coaching, more accessible. 

This opportunity is available to both professional services and academic staff. We are piloting the initiative with the most under-represented group but the vision is to subsequently extend to more staff.

Coaching is an undeniably valuable tool in leadership development, and more so during these times of increased uncertainty and volatility. Where there is no blueprint for the future, the self-reflection that coaching engenders can help individuals make better decisions for themselves and for the organisation.  

A coaching relationship is a thinking partnership, and allows a coachee the time to explore an issue from different perspectives, formulate a plan of action and reflect on progress. It results in the coachee feeling empowered.

Some of the documented impacts of coaching include, enhanced goal attainment and resilience; reduced stress and depression; improved personal effectiveness; greater confidence in role; increased job satisfaction, engagement & well-being at work and over a sustained period of time.  We want more of our staff to experience these benefits.

The programme rejects any deficit model approach. The focus is to support the leadership journey of highly able staff from under-represented backgrounds, who might experience systemic barriers to progression at UCL

* Those of African and Caribbean heritage and racialized as ‘Black’.