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Find out more about UCL's Coach at UCL scheme which is now recruiting coachees.

Coach at UCL aims to move UCL towards a coaching culture that empowers its 13,000+ employees to perform at their best while supporting their well-being; that ensures the organisation is listening to a diverse range of voices and that  engenders even greater curiosity and innovation in its daily practice.  

We have now recruited a sustainable internal coaching community to support the needs of our staff and are now accepting applications from potential coachees. Have a look at the expectations of a coachee and complete the application process if you are interested.

Supporting Black staff to progress their careers

A pilot will launch in January 2021, focussing coaching provision on Black* staff at grades 8 and 9 and participants on the Accelerate to Leadership programme. Black staff are chronically under-represented at the highest levels of the organisation and this pilot hopes to help remove some of the barriers to progression, as part of a range of interventions under the umbrella of the EDI strategy. This opportunity is available to both professional services and academic staff.

Coach at UCL recognises that talented Black staff are present across the institution, but are not always able to realise their career aspirations due to a range of complex barriers that exist at UCL. The programme rejects the deficit model approach that implies participants in the programme are somehow flawed, and instead embraces an opportunity to tackle the inequities that are an impediment to progression.

Coaching is an undeniably valuable tool for leadership development, and even more so during these times of great uncertainty and volatility. Where there is no blueprint for the future, the self-reflection that coaching engenders helps individuals make better decisions for themselves and for the organisation.  

Some of the documented impacts include enhanced goal attainment and resilience; reduced stress and depression; improved personal effectiveness; greater confidence in role; increased job satisfaction, engagement & well-being at work and over a sustained period of time.  

* Those of African and Caribbean heritage and racialized as ‘Black’.

Benefits for coachees

We’re offering coachees:  

  1. Access to 9 hours of pro bono coaching over a 12-month period, in the shape of 6 x 90-minute sessions.
  2. You will be matched with an UCL internal coach, based on your preferences and their experience.
  3. Through coaching you will develop greater self-awareness and be empowered and enabled to find solutions to the challenges you’re facing in your career development.

Requirements of coachees 

If you can commit to the following - with your line manager’s support - we’d love to hear from you:  

  1. Attend a 2.5 hour pre-course workshop for coachees on 24 November 2020 at 1:30pm.

  2. Attend an average of 1 x 90-minute coaching session every other month for a minimum of 12 months.  
  3. Be part of the Coach at UCL community and participate in other programme-related activities such as briefing sessions or review events. 
  4. Submit feedback throughout the programme to help OD monitor progress, celebrate successes, and make any improvements. 

See the ‘Expectations of Coachees’ document for more information.

Application process 

The application process will take approximately 45 minutes to complete and requires the support of your line manager, so we would encourage you to have a conversation with them before applying. 

The deadline for applications is midnight on Thursday 19 November.

Submit an application to be a coachee

If you have any questions about the process please contact Zara Chaudhry