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Information for departments

How your department can get involved with Accelerate to Leadership.

Who can offer a placement

Any UCL department or central professional services area can offer an Accelerate to Leadership placement and will need to meet the following criteria:

  • There is a 3–12 month vacancy at either Grade 8, 9 or 10 in a professional services role.
  • There is a mentor willing to support the participant for the duration of the placement.
  • There is management capacity to support the development and review of the employee’s development plan (2–3 hours per month).

Outline of the process

  • Your HR Business Partner will discuss and review the placement opportunity, working with you to identify the pre-requisite criteria for the role and agree a timeline for filling the placement. At this stage, options for possible mentors will be discussed, with the final choice made according to availability and the match with the employee.
  • When finalised, the placement opportunity will be advertised to the pool of UCL staff registered with Accelerate to Leadership and also on the Secondments Board.
  • Individuals will submit CVs with expressions of interest and be interviewed following UCL procedures.
  • As part of the recruitment process, it is expected that managers attend UCL’s Fair and Inclusive Recruitment workshop.
  • A development plan will be agreed with the appointed candidate at the outset of the placement, outlining the development objectives and support that will be provided throughout the placement.
  • At the end of the placement period, if there is a substantive post connected to the placement, it must be advertised under open competition in line with UCL’s Recruitment Policy. If the placement participant applies for the substantive post, they will be considered alongside other applicants and will not receive any preferential treatment for the post.

Please note: Accelerate to Leadership placements are also open to redeployees at their same grade. Redeployees at risk of redundancy will be given priority consideration.


The department providing the placement will be required to cover the salary costs during the placement.

How to find out more and register your interest

For more information and to register your vacancy as part of Accelerate to Leadership pilot contact the HR Business Partner for your area.