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How Accelerate to Leadership works

Check Accelerate to Leadership eligibility requirements and find out how the scheme supports development.


When a grade 8, 9 or 10 professional services post becomes available, before being advertised widely, it may be offered to BAME staff as an Accelerate to Leadership developmental placement, for between 3 to 12 months. See How to apply to sign-up for notifications of all the latest opportunities and more information about the application process.


The Accelerate to Leadership programme is open to staff who:

  • Identifies as Black, Asian Minority Ethnic (BAME).
  • Has completed probation.
  • Is interested in gaining real work experience in a senior professional services role in UCL.
  • Is willing to undertake professional and personal development to support (around 3–5 hours per month) you in your placement.
  • Is able to demonstrate they meet the criteria for a placement.

Equipping you with the skills you need to perform at leadership level

At the start of the placement you will work with your host department to design a development plan tailored to your needs, outlining your development objectives and the support that will be provided throughout the placement.

This could include specific training courses to be completed as part of the placement as well as specific projects. Other opportunities to support your successful completion of the placement could include:

  • A nominated mentor of appropriate seniority and professional background.
  • Executive coaching support.
  • 360-degree developmental feedback.
  • Stretch objectives setting out the outcomes to be achieved by the end of the placement.
  • At least monthly one-to-one meetings with the line manager to monitor and feedback on placement holder’s progress in the role.
  • Tailored job-related training.
  • Access to UCL’s portfolio of leadership and management training.
  • Buddying with other senior professional services colleagues.

At the end of the placement you will be in a strong position to apply for any substantive posts connected to the placement or future roles which arise.

Frequently asked questions

I am already a grade 9, can I apply for other grade 9 roles under this scheme?

No, the aim of this scheme is to help prepare staff to move into a more senior role by gaining experience in a role at the higher grade. If you wish to seek to broaden your experience at your current grade you may be more suited to applying for secondments or vacancies in the usual way.

What will I be paid during my placement?

During a placement, you will be paid at the starting salary point of the placement grade. If your current salary is higher than the starting salary, you will be paid at a salary point that is above your current salary on the scale.