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Hiring an apprentice is a productive way to add, develop and mentor budding talent and we have created a comprehensive guide on the process of employing an apprentice at UCL.

Our apprenticeship scheme offers work-based learning and development opportunities which are designed around the needs of the university and are available to people of all ages. Apprenticeships lead to nationally recognised qualifications and are supported by approved external training providers with funding for training provided through the Government’s Apprenticeship Levy.

Employing an early-career apprentice

The costs of employing an early-career apprentice

Apprenticeships are managed within an agreed UCL framework which makes it a practical and cost effective way of employing and developing staff from a wide range of backgrounds.

Apprentices will be recruited onto a new Apprenticeship ‘AP’ payscale. A lower initial salary will reflect the lower initial knowledge and productivity of the Apprentice undertaking training, however, the salary will increase progressively as the apprentice develops and meets milestones during their qualification. The payscale is as follows:




On appointment



On completion of first year and milestone qualification



On completion of second year and milestone qualification



On completion of third year and milestone qualification




Incremental progression will be based on the apprentice completing set annual milestones. UCL apprentices will also receive the agreed annual cost of living increase.

Apprentices join on a fixed term basis for the length of the apprenticeship scheme. At the end of each apprenticeship, they can apply in the usual way for any suitable vacancies.

The salary costs are met by the employing department and the training costs are paid through UCL’s apprenticeship levy.

The recruitment process

Contact Zara Chaudhry at z.chaudhry@ucl.ac.uk for further information.

The apprenticeship training programme and milestones
  1. Early-career apprentices are subject to a six-month probation period.
  2. Progression through the salary grades AP1-4 is subject to achieving stated milestones. Line managers will be prompted by OD to review miles stones each year.  These include:
  1. The University cannot guarantee an appointment following completion of an Apprenticeship, the Apprentice will be eligible to apply for any advertised job at the University in the last six months of the programme.